Top Kayaking Spots in Cambridge: A Local’s Perspective


Kayaking in Cambridge is not just a sport, it’s an experience. With the city’s rich history and stunning natural beauty, kayaking here offers a unique perspective of Cambridge. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or trying it for the first time, Cambridge’s waterways promise an unforgettable journey.

1. The Classic River Cam Tour:

No list of Cambridge kayaking spots is complete without mentioning the River Cam. Famous for its calm waters and picturesque views, the River Cam is perfect for kayakers of all levels. Paddle past historic colleges and under ancient bridges for a quintessential Cambridge experience.

2. Grantchester Meadows:

For those seeking tranquility, Grantchester Meadows is a must-visit. A short paddle from the city center, this spot offers a serene escape with its lush meadows and abundant wildlife. It’s perfect for a peaceful day trip.

3. The Backs – A Paddler’s Paradise:

Experience the iconic ‘Backs’ of Cambridge colleges from your kayak. This route provides a unique vantage point of the stunning college backs and impressive architecture. It’s a bit more challenging due to the narrow waterways, but well worth the effort.

4. Ely to Cambridge – A Scenic Route for the Adventurous:

For the more adventurous kayakers, the route from Ely to Cambridge is a longer journey that rewards with breathtaking rural landscapes and historical landmarks. It’s a full-day trip, ideal for experienced kayakers.

5. The Fenland Waterways – For the Nature Lover:

Explore the vast network of waterways in the Fenland area. These less-traveled paths are a haven for wildlife and offer a completely different kayaking experience, surrounded by unique Fenland scenery.


Cambridge, with its blend of historical charm and natural beauty, offers some of the best kayaking experiences in the UK. Whether you’re gliding through the heart of the city or exploring the serene outskirts, each spot has its own unique appeal. So grab your kayak and discover the joys of paddling in Cambridge!

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