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Welcome to the world of Punting in Cambridge!
At Punting Cambridge, our mission is to create extraordinary and unforgettable  Cambridge punting tours along the picturesque River Cam. Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Cambridge as our passionate and knowledgeable team takes you on a journey through the city’s rich history and architectural wonders. From the iconic colleges to the scenic bridges, our tours offer a unique perspective on this historic city. We strive to provide a seamless and enchanting experience, ensuring that every moment spent on the river is filled with joy and wonder. Let us be your guide to the best of punting in Cambridge, where memories are made and stories unfold. 

We Are Experts In Providing The Best Cambridge Punting Tours

Punting Cambridge Tours aims to immerse each participant in the first-hand experience of punting along the scenic River Cam.

Indulge in an exclusive Cambridge punting experience with Punting Cambridge

The main Cambridge punting contributory factors are Unmatched service,
an unforgettable experience and utmost safety.

Punting Tour Packages

Discover our diverse range of tour packages tailored to suit your preferences. From private and shared tours to romantic getaways, corporate outings, largegroup excursions, and memorable hen parties, we have the perfect package to make your Cambridge punting experience extraordinary.

Our Professional Team

We go above and beyond to ensure faultless punting experiences, prioritizing your satisfaction. Our dedicated staff provides expert and welcoming service for an unforgettable visit. With top safety standards, unwind and enjoy the water with complete assurance.

Environmental Policy

At Punting Cambridge, we prioritize environmental preservation for future generations. Through sustainable practices, we minimize our impact and offer eco-friendly tours. Experience Cambridge’s splendor while protecting its pristine environment with our responsible tourism activities.

Private Punting Tour

Create unforgettable moments with your loved ones on a private punting adventure like no other with Cambridge private punting tour.

Shared Punting Tour

Embark on a shared punting adventure in Cambridge, creating unforgettable moments with fellow travelers as you glide along the River Cam. 

Evening Punting Tour

Experience the enchantment of Cambridge at dusk on our evening punting tour.  And capture wonderful pictures, and create unforgettable memories.

Hen Party Tour

Celebrate your hen party in style with our exclusive punting tour in Cambridge. Enjoy a memorable and fun-filled experience on the picturesque River Cam.

Corporate Punting Tour

Enhance team bonding and create a unique corporate experience with our corporate punting tour in Cambridge. Experience the warmth and charm of Cambridge.

Romantic Punting Tour

Create cherished memories on our romantic punting tour in Cambridge. Float along the picturesque River Cam, embracing the intimate ambiance.


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